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If you have a particular issue that you are looking for a solution or a root cause, these sessions could empower you by setting your mind to state zero and connected yourself to your inner wisdom.

Fibonacci Fork Session

The Fibonacci set of tuning forks will be used to lead you to a meditative state to obtain answers from your inner self and higher wisdom.



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Heart Meditation

Guided meditation to your inner wisdom, a very safe place that only you can have access, and to seek for a mind spirit alignment and to empower yourself.

Sound Meditation

A combination of different sound elements to lead you to listen to your heart that has the knowledge of your divine blueprint.

Heart Metta

A very direct way to lead you to your heat that has the knowledge about the full version of your divine blueprint.

Luo Shu Anthroponymy

and Life Coaching

Discover the meaning of your name and its interaction with your birth date. Knowing your divine blue print, you can live the best of your life.

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